Day 2: What’s Your Name?

DAY 1: Zero to Hero My Introduction

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Day 2: What’s Your Name?  My real name is Jackie Paulson. 

My blog title is “Jackie Speaks It” and my tag line is My Blog for WordPress Challenges in 2014.



My hobbies are reading, writing, blogging, organizing, college, security, paralegal, poetry.

I have an Associates in Applied Science:  Paralegal degree (2009).

I am in college in to get my Bachelor of Technical Business Management by Oct 2014.

I hope to specialize in Security Management in 2014.

I am an avid reader and do free book reviews in exchange for the book in any format. Contact me at

addicted to reading img

 Jackie Paulson © 2013

Why I chose Jackie Speaks It is because I am a master at multi-tasking.  I also have many interests and hope to blog daily with the DpChallenge and other Tabs as you see above on my blog.  Zero to Hero Theme is one which I hope to improve the quality of my blog and receive comments and friendships within this community of Zero to Hero.

Now please help me, if you wish me to change my title and or tag line please help me by commenting below.  I do follow! Sincerely, Jackie Paulson

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18 Responses to Day 2: What’s Your Name?

  1. corine1014 says:

    Hi Jackie, Thank you for the follow! I’m looking forward to reading your posts and connecting with you. Happy New Day to you!!!!

  2. shikiaki says:

    Hi Jackie. Thank you for viewing my site. Looking forward to reading your posts. Happy New Years.

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  4. JulianeAshley says:

    I like your title and tag line (both say what you are doing)! I’m enjoying the Zero to Hero challenge so far and look forward to seeing how each of us interpret the tasks 🙂

    ~ Juliane Ashley (

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  6. Thanks for swinging by my blog and am now following to see how you go with the rest of the programme. Funny, I also have a science and legal background :).

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  13. Capt Jill says:

    Hi Jackie,
    Looks like you’ve got a lot of interesting stuff on your blog. Good job with the Zero to Hero challenge! I love your background photo. 😉
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you liked it and I really appreciate the follow!

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