Find It from Pinterest Day #37



 Find It from Pinterest Day #37


Paper towel holder + binder rings + page covers = a great way to display kids artwork, or favorite recipes… The possibilities are endless!

For those of you that are new here, I am doing a Photo a day where I find it from Pinterest and at the end of the year I will have 365 Pins that I love. I plan to make a book for my daughter for Christmas. I will of course make one for me as well. I am a full time 47 year old college student with three blogs so it’s a hectic schedule. I hope you enjoy these creative ideas or Pins! Here is my Pinterest LINK.

How to draw a Mandala Ribbon craft


About Jackie Paulson LOVES BOOKS

About Jackie Paulson You love to help others solve problems you are Intuitive; (Jackie uses her intuitive skills to help others solve their problems). YOU SEE THINGS OTHERS CANNOT SEE. You are great at picking up on peoples moods and predicting the future. (Jackie can predict future events by reading and feeling others moods). You know what others are THINKING before they speak a word. (Jackie is a true empath because she knows what other people are thinking before they say a word). Your Purpose in life is to SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS (Jackie can show love to others even to those who have been emotionally, mentally, physically, verbally abused). People turn to Jackie for Direction and Hope and New Ideas. (Jackie can lead others in the right direction and bring hope when there seems to be none left). I DO BOOK REVIEWS email me at
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