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Three days after news broke of Paul Walker’s tragic car crash  in Valencia, California, fans are still reeling from it. As evidenced by the outpouring, it’s clear that you didn’t have to know him personally to feel a connection to the sweet and charming actor. So, the world can’t help but ask why? Coroners have released an official cause of death to help provide some clarity as to what exactly happened to the once bright star.

The autopsy results reveal that he died from a combination of traumatic and thermal injuries. His friend Roger Rodas succumbed from multiple traumatic injuries. Reportedly, the bodies were so badly burned that they could only be identified by dental records.
The toxicology testing is still pending and could take several more weeks. Though this information was available on Tuesday, the report was put on “security hold” as police gathered more information about the accident. In fact, the biggest question is still a mystery to fans. We do not yet know why the car crashed. There is speculation that Rodas lost control of the Porsche Carrera GT and, as a result, barreled into a light pole. Speed may have played a part, as the car was reportedly going 90 mph in a 45 mph zone.
Walker is survived by his 15-year-old daughter Meadow. For now, those who loved and admired the actor continue to mourn his death, waiting for more answers.

Sóuter, E. (2013, 12 04). Paul walker autopsy reveals tragic cause of death. My SOURCE

Actor Paul William Walker IV was an American actor and the founder of Reach Out Worldwide. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, but later garnered fame as Brian O’Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series.( Wikipedia)

Born: September 12, 1973, Glendale, CA
Died: November 30, 2013, Valencia, CA
• Upcoming movie: Fast & Furious 7
• Siblings: Ashlie Walker, Caleb Walker, Amie Walker, Cody Walker
• Parents: Cheryl Walker, Paul Walker III


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DAY 1: INTRODUCE YOURSELF  Hello and welcome to ♥ “Jackie Speaks It” ♥

Day 2: What’s Your Name?  My name is Jackie Paulson and I am a very passionate community blogger and do read very quickly. I am a master reader.  I am in college full time to get my Bachelor’s degree at the age of 47!  I raised my daughter first as a single mom working three jobs for 11 years and now she is 19 and not living with me and BORN on Valentine’s Day.  ♥ Hence the ♥ She is the love of my life besides my two cats.

DAY 3 Zero to Hero Glass of Water As I ponder this story of stress management, I realize that stress and worry can cause more problems, more illnesses, more dis-eases than it’s worth.

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    Dear Zero to hero byddy Jackie, thank you for following my blog Keep up the good work till Hero status, I will be with you there 🙂

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