how to choose a blog title to grab your attention

I'd rather just write something than keep my reader guessing

I’d rather just write something than keep my reader guessing

As Brian Cray tells his readers how to choose a blog title to grab your attention I wanted to show you how.
Yes, it is important to have the right keywords in your title of your posts that will be listed in SEO which is search engine optimization.  So that is what you want to do is find SEO friendly keywords for google to get the ball rolling for your own blog.  After blogging for years now I am beginning to see the light and the importance, F I N A L L Y.
Here’s how to use Google Insights for Search to find the right SEO keywords:
Choose a topic for your post (if you usually miss this step for your own blog, just stop blogging).
Search the topic on Google Insights for Search to see popular keywords & searches related to that topic.
For example, are people searching “blog SEO”?
No. They’re actually searching “WordPress SEO.”
Write down all of the popular searches for that topic, filtering by geographic region if it’s relevant.
Google those keywords.
Narrow down searches from the list created in step 3 that are:
a) relevant
b) popular
c) the least competitive
SEO benefits of a good blog title
Good blog titles attract people
The more people that come to your blog, the increased opportunity that others will link to you. Plain & simple.
Good blog titles increase external link keyword density
Many external links to your blog posts will contain your post title, and keyword-focused anchor text from external links is the most important ranking factor.
Good blog titles increase search engine visibility
Using keywords based on actual searches increases your search engine visibility in natural long-tail searches, which comprises probably around 80% of your inbound search engine traffic.
I chose to learn from others and hope that this will help you as well. Just thought I’d write why your blog title should be SEO friendly, and if you have questions please comment below or fill out this contact form, Thanks.


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3 Responses to how to choose a blog title to grab your attention

  1. Lucy says:

    Thank you for coming by The Breakfast Club. Reading this article about blog titles is rather timely. I doing the zero to hero gig and today’s assignment is about just that but not in the detail you have given. Thank you. Lucy Conrad

  2. Lucy says:

    Duh. I just noticed you’re doing the zero to hero, too. Lucy

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